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Plarium, was founded by Avi and Gabi Shalel and Haim and Ilia Turpiashvili in 2009. The start-up venture , that started out in casual gaming, offering social games such as Farmandia and Poker Shark (both similar to the Zynga corresponding competitors Texas Holdem and Farmville), undertook a strategic transformation in which it decided to specialize in the development of strategic social games. Today, Plarium has grown into one of the leading companies in its field. With 6 development centers in Israel and in the Ukaraine, Plarium is now the leading developer of Hard Core Social Games in Eastern Europe and is ranked first on Facebook in this category. The vast communities of social gamers that have developed around the company’s popular games, such as Stormfall, Soldiers Inc. and Total Domination have reached over 130 billion players worldwide, across different platforms such as Facebook, mobile IOS and Android.

The Challenge

Since its inception, Plarium experienced many significant changes, including change in its business focus and substantial growth and development. These changes, particularly the shift from Casual to Hard Core, resulted in a mismatch between the company’s desired image and positioning and its corporate image that was mainly based on a smiley Penguin character. The mismatch challenged us to create a new brand identity for Plarium that was up-to-date, relevant and consistent with its current positioning and status in the gaming world.

The Solution

Our key insight in creating the brand was rooted in our conversations with various people within the company as well as across the gamer communities. What we learned is that Plarium’s main differentiator is related to its engaged community and to the theme “Together, anything is possible” that acts as a central motif in describing the relation between the company, its employees and its end users. On the organizational level, the company’s corporate culture is “clan like” and promotes values such as excellence, passion, family and collaboration. The fact that Plarium views itself not only as the game developer but also as a company that actively provides services directly to its end users is regarded by gamers as an advantage and a differentiator in the Hard Core provider arena that requires interaction among mass numbers of players (MMO). The “Take the World” slogan, teamed with the Plarium brand identity draws inspiration from strategic gaming concepts such as victory, conquering, sense of community and camaraderie. The logo resembles a shape of a sword and victory flag. Various "skin" versions of the logo were designed to suit the different games and enable dynamic development of the logo as needed. To avoid conflict between the logo and the rich content in the company’s games, the main logo was designed in black, silver and white. We also designed “skins” for the logos to. Finally, we designed and produced a Trailer for the logo that appears as a promo in each of the game launch campaigns. Plarium branding entailed the creation of a new corporate identity, including the design and production of a new brand book and company logo trailer clip.


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