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The used private car market is a “damaged”, unfair and inefficient market. In other words, in your attempt to sell or buy a car, you will almost always discover that the process is not only extremely complicated, but that it is also near-impossible to make a decision that you are 100% sure about. There are two major factors that come into play here: initially, the private market has lost its faith in the system and its various players, and furthermore, they are not equipped with the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively carry out deals and manage pricing in this arena. Colmobil Group was quick to identify this opportunity and decided to launch its marketplace initiative, to optimize the buying and selling of used private automobiles. The new initiative enables people to buy and sell cars via an objective digital platform that offers a fair and efficient, trusted and transparent alternative to this formerly cumbersome process.

The Challenges

On the one hand, we were addressing a brand that expressed a vision of “fixing” the market and offering its audience a true solution. On the other it was important to consider the need to “re-educate” the market and to truly change its conduct. In designing this brand, our challenges were cut out for us: To create relevancy both to buyers and sellers, 2 different targets with different needs. To get the audience onboard with these changes, convincing them to use a digital platform when buying or selling their cars, To expose the Israeli market, highly accustomed to seeking out shortcuts and “easy solutions”, to the reasons for trying out the new platform and paying a fee for the process.

The Solution

We created a holistic brand identity from brand strategy, through concept creation and implementation across all the relevant touch points including the UI/UX of the platform (web and mobile), branding of the first physical branch and on to a launch TV and digital campaign. Our main insight was that despite the many practical issues addressed with the innovative technological solutions, the true value of an objective marketplace is related to the trust it enables in the process. This insight stood at the basis of our brand promise: “restoring the trust in the private car market”. The name “Switch”, which is associated with the field of automobiles, was chosen to represent our vision of bringing about a positive change in the market, presenting a new approach to selling and buying private automobiles. The brand identity we developed is inspired by transportation signs, and is user friendly and simple to make the brand more accessible. The design incorporates cars and roads, also found in the logo and the icons we developed for the brand. The launch campaign featuring local father and son actors Moni and Michael Moshonov, represents the generation gap and presents the new approach to buying and selling private cars.




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