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Webydo is an online platform that provides a full professional solution for the creation and management of cross platform business websites without programming. The online  “do-it-yourself web-design” competitive landscape is crowded and Open was tasked to create an appealing brand identity that will appeal to the professional web design target audience.


The Challenge

Webydo’s position towards a specific professional audience of web designers, required a deep understanding of the target audience, and it was critical to define the specific user needs and desires in order to design a relevant and appealing brand identity. Especially in light of the multitude of competing platforms, which have created a sense of doubt and confusion in the marketplace. Our brand had to not only communicate the platform’s added value, but also be differentiated, and appeal to a global web-design community.


The Solution

Since Webydo’s platform liberates designers from their dependency on handwritten code, providing them with professional independence and creative freedom, Open defined the brand promise as  "Freedom of Web Design," highlighting the designers’ autonomy and flexibility. Inspired by the principles of good design, the brand identity was designed to support Webydo’s “neutral” system, serving as a facilitator of designers’ vision; we designed a minimalistic visual language with a limited black and white color palette, and clean and modern typography.


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